Trans-Lux is a global leader in LED-based lighting and display technologies, offering versatile, energy-saving lighting under the TL Energy brand.

The Best Lighting Solutions

TL Energy LED lighting solutions provide enormous energy cost savings and reduce your energy consumption and emissions by as much as 50-80% (when compared to conventional lighting). But the financial and ecological benefits don’t stop there. TL Energy LED lighting solutions are:

  • People Friendly — they’re mercury free, do not emit any harmful rays and run cool to the touch
  • Environmentally Friendly — they use less energy, are recyclable because they do not contain toxic waste, have a long useful life, and over their life, cause only about 10% of the carbon emissions of a traditional bulb
  • Aesthetically Friendly — they produce better quality light, never jitter or vibrate, provide high luminous efficacy, and can be adjusted to a range of color temperatures

In fact, TL Energy has a unique proposition that allows suitable facilities to capitalize on all the advantages of LED lighting at virtually no out-of-pocket cost. It’s clean, green and virtually free — a brilliant proposition only from TL Energy!

Lighting The Way with Trans-Lux

All Trans-Lux products are designed and manufactured for exceptional quality, performance and reliability — at the right price.

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Products and technical manuals

Indoor LED Lighting

Energy-saving, long-life LED interior lighting delivers excellent light while saving money.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Energy-saving, long-life outdoor LED lighting serves architectural and operational needs.

Retrofit LED Lighting

These retrofits and kits make the transition to cost-efficient lighting easy!

Specialty LED Lighting

From exit signs, to grow lights, to stage lighting, we have the LED lighting you need.

Demo Materials

Demo cases are the best sales and display tool. Show real-world energy and cost savings.


Includes useful items, including CFL recycling kits and LED lamp backup power.