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Capture Accurate Pitch Speeds Easily

Use these high-quality radar guns to accurately measure pitch speeds. Fair-Play by Trans-Lux pitch speed indicators are compatible with Stalker Pro and Stalker Sport, which are recognized as two of the top radar guns in the industry.


image of JUGS Pro Sports Radar Gun

JUGS Radar Gun

Only the JUGS Pro-Sports Radar gives you all these quality features:

  • Comes with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) state-of-the-art technology — Guaranteed for an industry-best two years
  • JUGS Pro-Sports Radar Gun is guaranteed to have an accuracy index of ± .10 mile per hour
  • The JUGS Pro-Sports Radar Gun measures both KPH and MPH
  • Speed Range: 30-150 mph (48-240 kph)
  • Greater distance range — up to 300 ft
  • JUGS Pro-Sports Radar Gun operates in two user friendly modes — Trigger mode and Continuous mode
  • Roll-down feature: clocks first and last speeds
  • Comes standard with a RS-232 9-Pin Port for transferring data to your computer
  • 6 Ni-MH rechargeable batteries power your radar gun for up to 10 hours of trigger use or 5 hours of auto use. Batteries recharge in under 4 hours using the LCD AA Battery Quick Charger
image of Stalker Pro Radar Gun

Stalker Pro

The Stalker Pro was designed to be the best radar gun in the world in terms of performance, quality and features. It boasts the most sophisticated microwave systems in the industry, a high-speed DSF computer utilizing elaborate target identification programming, and the most features ever stuffed into a radar gun.

image of Stalker Sport Radar Gun

Stalker Sport

The Stalker Sport combines a soft-touch keypad with advanced digital signal processing and a powerful microwave system to create the world’s leading high-performance sports radar. It works seamlessly with Fair-Play’s two- and three-digital pitch speed indicators.