image of Aggie Baseball scoreboard showing electronic team names

Electronic Team Names

Know Who Is Playing With Electronic Team Names

Electronic team names from Fair-Play by Trans-Lux personalize the competitors by displaying the team name instead of generic labels like ‘Home’ and ‘Away.’ Names are bright and clear thanks to wide-viewing angle amber LEDs, and are available in several sizes to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor scoreboards.

Easily programmed using compatible controllers including MP-70 and MP-72.

Contact us — we are happy to help you see if Electronic Team Names make sense for you.

image of electronic team name mockup

Sizes For Outdoor Scoreboards

Outdoor electronic team names are available in three character sizes: 11”, 14”, 20”.

Widths of 32, 40 and 48 pixels are available.

Sizes For Indoor Scoreboards

Indoor electronic team names are available in two character sizes: 5” and 7”.

Widths of 32 and 48 pixels are available.