Fair-Play LED scoreboards and data displays are installed in thousands of locations around the world, and have earned a reputation for reliability and long-life that spans over 80 years.

Engaging Solutions

Our lineup includes a wide range of solutions that combine scoreboard functions with digital data and video displays to fully engage fans, with new management software, hand-held remotes and accessories that put you in full control of every game.

Exceptional Products

All Fair-Play products are designed and manufactured for exceptional quality, performance and reliability — at the right price. And most can be customized with a range of colors and enhancements to make your installation unique. Engage your team and your fans with Fair-Play scoreboards!


Products and technical manuals


Configurable scoreboards deliver essential game information with clarity. Batter up!


Long-life scoreboards display color-coded game information, and multi-sport use.

Courtside Table

Versatile multi-purpose court-side display adds new game-time capabilities. Go team!

Custom Signs

Personalize your scoreboard with team name, sponsors, and more for a unique look!


Configurable scoreboards deliver essential game information with clarity. Touchdown!


Long-life scoreboards are color-coded to help everyone keep up with fast action. Score a goal!

Marquee Displays

Energy-efficient and long-lasting outdoor marquee displays — perfect for public messages.

Matrix Displays

Full-Matrix scoreboards have the ultimate flexibility — support every sport with the same board!


Multipurpose scoreboards show basic information for several popular outdoor sports.


Portable scoreboards go to where the action is — inside or outside. Wireless models available.


Soccer scoreboards let fans keep up with the game while focusing on the action. Chip the ball!


Swimming scoreboards show the right information for competition or practice. Go team!


Tennis scoreboards keep everyone in the game, set and match. Tennis anyone?

Track and Field

Clearly display Track and Field results for indoor or outdoor meets with bright amber LEDs.


Keep players and fans in step with the action with bright, color coded LEDs. Set, spike and score!


Go for the pin with one- to three-sided scoreboards — available in fixed or portable versions.


Accessories and technical manuals


Keep track of time with remote clocks and timers. Don’t be late!

Electronic Team Names

More specific than “Home” and “Away,” remind viewers who is playing today.

Field Timers

Large 2-digit timers are highly visible for players and fans alike.

Goal Lights

Perfect visual indicators for shot-clock sequences and end-of-the-period timing.

Illuminated Captions

This option makes scoreboard captions visible for night games.

Pitch Speed Indicators

Report pitch speeds with our bright, visible LED displays.

Possession Indicators

Keep track of which team gains possession with these indicators.

Radar Guns

Capture pitch speeds accurately with these high-quality radar guns.

Scoreboard Controls

Control indoor / outdoor scoreboards remotely, with or without hard-wiring.

Segment Timers

Keep things moving with high-visibility field segment timers.

Shots on Goal

Keep track of shots-on-goal with this special-purpose display.

Shot Timers

Help players and fans keep track with these highly visible displays.

Swim Timers

Use these compatible elements to create a complete swim timing solution.

Track and Field Timing

Use these Track Timing devices to create a compete timing and display solution.