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Trans-Lux has a history of innovation

Founded by Percy Furber in 1920, and woven into the fabric of American Culture, Trans-Lux (TNLX) has driven decades of innovation in the fields of film projection, large-format displays, theatrical distribution, television, special effects, and lighting. Trans-Lux also distributes and services Fair-Play LED scoreboards for sports teams nation wide.

  • 1920

    January 1920.
    Founded by Percy Furber as a high-end video screen manufacturer.

  • 1923

    January 1923
    Installed the first Projection Ticker in the world at the NYSE, which remained in use into the 1970’s.

  • 1925

    January 1925
    Listed on the American Stock Exchange.

  • 1930

    January 1930
    Launched Trans-Lux Theatre Building program with RKO.

  • 1958

    January 1958
    Trans-Lux brings Felix the Cat to US audiences.

  • 1959

    January 1959
    Famous scene in The Seven Year Itch is filmed outside the Trans-Lux Theater on Lexington Avenue at 52nd Street, New York City.

  • 1967

    Trans-Lux premiers Speed Racer.

  • 1974

    January 1974
    Trans-Lux releases the Teleprinter.

  • 1997

    January 1997.
    Trans-Lux acquires Fair-Play, a leading sports scoreboard maker.

  • 1997

    February 1997
    Trans-Lux Introduces Rainbow Ribbon display technology for Cincinnati Reds on the American Stock ExchangeListed

  • 2012

    January 2012
    Trans-Lux creates TL Energy LED Lighting division.

  • 2013

    January 2013
    Trans-Lux Introduces Epic Software

  • 2013

    February 2013
    Trans-Lux introduces new die-cast cabinet system.

  • 2014

    April 2014
    Trans-Lux debuts 2mm large screen display with 1080p and 4K capabilities

  • 2014

    May 2014
    TL Energy forms partnership with Independent Stationers.

  • 2014

    September 2014
    TL Energy reaches $1M in Lighting Rebates

  • 2014

    October 2014
    Trans-Lux posts record $3M in TL Energy Lighting sales in 8 weeks

  • 2014

    November 2014
    Trans-Lux adds innovative financing program for integrated LED solutions

  • 2015

    March 2015
    Trans-Lux forms partnerships with PrismaFlex and Squadrat.

  • 2015

    April 2015
    Trans-Lux announces new manufacturing resources in China to complement USA.

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