About Us

Trans-Lux Corporation is a 90-year-old company with a new vision to be the premier supplier of digital display solutions for the financial, sports and entertainment, gaming, leasing and myriad markets where digital signage is a viable business tool. To drive new growth and business development, Trans-Lux has expanded its portfolio of products with a new generation of LED Large Screen Systems that offer breakthrough performance and technology, and create a larger and more prominent market position. Additionally, Trans-Lux has reinvented virtually every aspect of its operations to accommodate continued expansion into new markets.

The company’s Trans-Lux-branded LED digital display systems marketed under the TL Vision and TL InfoVision brands, and Fair-Play by Trans-Lux branded scoreboard systems provide digital display solutions for virtually any venue. The company’s new TL Vision LED Large Screen Systems includes indoor and outdoor displays ranging from 3mm – an industry first – to 127mm LEDs. Trans-Lux Corporation has also formed TL Energy to supply a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions that emit less heat, save energy and enable creative designs. The new addition opens new business opportunities in the emerging LED lighting category while supplementing the company’s established signage solutions.

Since 1920, Trans-Lux Corporation has supplied innovative indoor and outdoor electronic display products and services that provide up-to-the-second, critical information and promotional messages – in graphic, animation, video and text formats — from data feeds, networks or PC-driven software. Today, Trans-Lux offers the most extensive selection of LED digital display solutions available, and its capabilities encompass the entire product development cycle including concept, design, layout, prototype, modification and production. Rigorous inspection and testing throughout all phases of the manufacturing process ensure optimal operation and functionality upon installation. Trans-Lux can build displays to almost any specification.

Trans-Lux Corporation has a long history of innovation. The company’s product development team continually implements new display technologies to enhance products for both indoor and outdoor venues, and to expand the company’s suite of LED digital display solutions designed to engage viewers.

Entering its tenth decade and listed on the American Stock Exchange since 1925, Trans-Lux is a new company with a new vision – a company that will thrive on its established foundation of deep relationships and values while lighting up the landscape with new and exciting LED digital display solutions.

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